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A New Kind Of Sadist

Last year, one of my loved ones received a cancer diagnosis. One of the first things she was told by a church-going, Bible-thumping, tongue-speaking Xtian was that she deserved it because god was punishing her, as she had walked away from church.

I cannot get over what level of evil a person would need to be consumed by, in order to expel such hateful bile and target it at someone who’s just received bad news.

Yet, this is actually normal, when it comes to Nigerian Xtians.
A man loses the love of his life, when she’s trying to birth their child via CS and the response from Xtians is, she offended god by going in for the CS procedure, so he took her life. Now, you need to seek forgiveness, so that judgement doesn’t come upon you, too.
A woman’s husband begins to have an extramarital affair and it must be because god is trying to get her attention.
The only and beloved teenage child of a couple dies and god is trying to teach them a lesson.
A person receives a cancer diagnosis and god is punishing her.

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Nigerian Xtians are being taught to actively pray for misfortune to befall others, rejoice when others are going through crises, yet have perfect excuses whenever they are faced with the same circumstances. There are many churches actually dedicated to praying for others to encounter evil, but they manage to justify it – by claiming the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force. People pray for others to fall sick with and die of terminal diseases, pray for barrenness and poverty on their neighbours … and display all kinds of other frankly psychotic behaviour. It begs the question, “What sort of god can be so deranged?”

Churches in Nigeria, now specialise in creating problems in and destroying families
– a husband doesn’t deserve to have a meal in peace in his own home, because his wife’s pastor has told her that god will be more pleased with her if she cooks for the sisters’ fellowship instead
– a woman who has endured trying times with her husband, is thrown out of her marital home because a prophet has convinced her husband that she is the cause of his poverty
– a young girl, who is sexually assaulted, is sent for ‘deliverance sessions’ because her parents’ pastors have told them that she has a ‘spirit of seduction’, so the rape was her fault
– a young man is disowned by his parents, because his father’s church have convinced him that because their son drinks, it’s proof that he is a member of the occult
– a young woman, who has never been sexually active is estranged from her mother, whose prophet has told her daughter’s problems are as because god is angry at her fornication
– a child has to stay at home for an entire term, because his parents would rather contribute to their pastor’s wife’s birthday jaunt, than pay his school fees. When he begins to act out, his parents are told that he’s possessed by the devil
– a woman refuses to allow peace to prevail in her own daughter’s marriage, because her daughter and son-in-law don’t want religious paraphernalia all over their house
– the fiancée of a young man, is told that his over-possessive mother – who is afraid of being abandoned, yet may be won over by love, reassurance and a bit of firmness – is a witch, that she needs to pray against
– an old woman in the early stages of dementia or Alzheimers, is denounced as diabolical and abandoned to die, after she makes certain comments
– a woman finds herself facing divorce, because her husband’s pastor has convinced him that he is called to ministry and that the wife who isn’t very religious, has been sent by the devil to hinder his ministry
– a meddlesome, malicious woman gets the leverage she needs to wreck her brother’s home, because her prayer partners have told her that the fact that her sister-in-law attends a different church, means that she was sent from the marine world
– a woman refuses financial assistance from her own children, because the family pastor have told her that all her children are in cults
The list is endless. And it makes me wonder why this god is threatened by happy families and decent relationships? Because I’m not sure how anyone in their right mind, can justify such mindless cruelty.

Apart from the sadism that’s obviously required to be a proponent of Xtianity – if you’re Nigerian – is an utter disrespect for the feelings and boundaries of anyone who doesn’t eat/pray/f*ck/shit/sleep like they do. Some Xtians cannot even bring themselves to speak civilly towards another person, because they really don’t believe others who aren’t Xtians, qualify as humans.

I remember, during what was one of the biggest Muslim festivals in the year, an Xtian woman telling a Muslim, in a loud voice (that’s why I heard her from across the road!) how that his religion was wrong, how her Jesus was better and more authentic!

People typically think church first, before anything else. Even with job applications, some get asked what church they attend – this is more of a consideration, than their actual qualifications for the job! A typical Nigerian Xtian will not render a favour or keep a promise, without an ulterior motive – that of harassing a person into converting. Which is why I find it hilarious that these Xtians do not see the irony in the fact that they spend time, money and other resources acquiring products or services created by non-Christians – including social media; creations which make their lives, easier. I dread to think what the result would be, if any Xtian actually created something like Facebook. Some of these people are so out of touch with reality, that I do not believe that anyone can be African and deeply religious, without being at least a bit schizophrenic.

– It’s OK for a person to cheat you out of your hard-earned money, as long as they’re Xtian
– It doesn’t matter if a person harasses you – they can harangue you on a daily basis and interrupt your sleep at night – as long as they’re Xtian
– You should feel grateful that your employee spends time – your time – reading their Bible, sharing tracts and preaching to all your customers, because they’re Xtian

and in Nigeria, they do all this, while ‘singing praises’.
The Nigerian brand of Xtianity breeds intolerant, cruel, sadistic creatures who are incapable of exhibiting humanity.

It’s relentless.
It’s disgustingly sick.
And it’s all shades of wrong.

All Rights Reserved, Chioma Nnani

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