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Anne-Marie Imafidon: Child Prodigy To Platform Creator

Unless you’ve been submerged under a rock for the past decade or so, you would …. should have heard about Anne-Marie Imafidon – the British-Nigerian girl, who scored A-grades in A-level subjects (including Mathematics) at the age of 11! The girl is now a woman, who continues to re-define “possible”, “sustainable” and “achievable”.

I was blown away when I heard about her, some years ago – and I couldn’t wait to have a chat with her …


Name: Anne-Marie Imafidon
Best Known For: Founding Stemettes
Describe yourself in three words: Impatient, stubborn, easygoing.
12-month goal: To have run a second successful incubator programme
Describe your outlook and what makes your work, unique: Not to take myself too seriously; Stemettes is about having fun
Your greatest career achievement to date: Starting Stemettes. It’s the first programme of its kind in the world. We focus on overcoming barriers, teaching girls and delivering projects
On the importance of international appeal: International appeal isn’t important. It’s easy to be arrogant and assume that because something works in one part of the world, it’ll work everywhere else. If something is an international problem, sure. But international appeal for the sake of it, isn’t important.
Most important piece of equipment you use in your career: My iPhone.
A typical day for you is: wake up at 7am, leave the house at 8am for the office, do work. Take calls, have meetings, meet people for coffee. Go home, watch television, have dinner, sleep at 11. If I’m attending or speaking at an event in the evening, I sleep later than 11pm.
What legacy would you like to leave? I’d like to see more girls becoming Stemettes and going into technology.

FDM everywoman Technology Awards 2014.

FDM everywoman Technology Awards 2014.

Career Challenges
What is the hardest career decision you’ve ever had to make? Deciding not to move to New York. Then, there was having to choose between having one job (in IT) or continuing to wear two hats, one of which is Stemettes.
Your biggest career mistake: I have no regrets.
Most common, yet avoidable mistake you see in younger people in your career: I’d say it’s in choosing subjects at school. They make a lot of assumptions based on a teacher’s or parent’s word – instead of taking a step back, to assess for themselves. They live in a bubble, so they don’t realise they can do more … so, they’re taking (career) advice from within that bubble.
Single piece of advice you give your mentees: Seek forgiveness, not permission

You live in: London
Favourite food: Right now, it’s chicken and mushroom pie … it changes
Biggest spiritual/life lesson you’ve learned: Seek forgiveness, not permission. Just do things in faith and things will work out
What do you do for leisure? Watch TV; there’s a television I really like – “Parks & Recreation”.
One app or piece of technology you cannot do without: Twitter
Your most over-used word/phrase: Meh!

Anne- Marie can be reached on Twitter or on Facebook

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