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Audio Transciption

You may be a business-owner whose trusted secretary had to go on maternity leave, just before typing the last three memos you dictated.

Or a motivational speaker who believes that your audience would benefit from reading your last spoken session.

Maybe you’re a doctor who has actually voice-recorded your last report, but are concerned about confidentiality, accuracy and speed.

If you fall into any of the above categories, this offering was created with you, in mind.

In the course of her role as a ghost-writer, Ms Nnani has worked for members of the clergy, transcribing their sermons; and in some cases, combining transcribed sermons to produce manuscripts.

She also possesses medico-legal experience, transcribing reports for psychiatrists in private practice. Therefore, she understands the need for speed, accuracy, and confidentiality.

These skills and knowledge are part of the arsenal utilised by Chioma Nnani, to make her your premier choice for audio transcription.

You can contact her now, to discuss your audio transcription needs.