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Band-Aid Husbands


The idea that sex is always emotional for a woman, is the kind of thing that leaves men, in a state of heartbroken shock. But that is not the thrust of this post. Pun, sort of intended …

Not everyone marries because there is love of any sort.



Some people marry for:
– money
– position
– immigration purposes
– business mergers
– because they think age is not on their side – “Oh gosh! People start growing cobwebs everywhere, even inside their womb and intestines, if they’re not married by the age of 30!”
– they want to prove a point to their haters – “Y’all said I’d never get married; so, here is my invitation card. Lunch is on me, on my wedding day, of course!”
– to avoid/put an end to emotional blackmail from parents- “You’re such an ungrateful child; that’s why you don’t want to give me, grandchildren!”

But there are some women who get married, to try and forget the man they love. Some of these women are in church – married to decent men, who have no idea that they are a band-aid. Some women are in church, because they have been hurt by men and other circumstances of life; so, they are looking for safe landing. And they’ve heard that some dudes who do church, are the easiest to scam. I mean, by the time a woman attends prayer service every Thursday, two services every Sunday and volunteers to feed the homeless or visit those in prison, once a month … apparently, church dudes dig that kind of thing. So, they think, “I’ll wife her, before anyone else does.” They don’t realise they’ve been played. Some women are cheating on their husbands, for this very ‘reason’.

It is not enough to be a godly man – whatever that means. If a woman is using you, as a ruse to get over an ex – an ex, she will go running to, if he so much as whispers her name – all the prayers in the world will not save you.

A woman can smile at you at a wedding, take your seed in her, birth your children – and her heart is not in it. Yes, even if she is African.

All Rights Reserved, Chioma Nnani

3 Comments on Band-Aid Husbands

  1. You captured that situation with the right term band aid. The Nigerian culture and religions have constantly under estimated women. A woman can do so much without her heart being in it.

  2. Great write up.

  3. We can’t pray away reality.

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