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Hi 🙂

I am thrilled that you are engaged enough with the content, to want to be part of the conversation and community here at Memo From A Fearless Storyteller. I love comments – especially when they are relevant to the topic being discussed, or the blog as a whole. I appreciate the time, diversity and feedback of my readers. I even enjoy robust discourse, particularly with someone of a different viewpoint.

However, in order to ensure that Memo From A Fearless Storyteller lives up to the standard created, comments are moderated. Comments in the following categories, will be promptly removed from the blog:

  • Harassment
  • Hate speeches
  • Sexually explicit material (comments or pictures)
  • Pornographic material (comments or pictures)
  • Misogynistic comments
  • Homophobic comments
  • Purely promotional material
  • Spam
  • Material that infringes on someone else’s copyright

Please, note that the fact that a comment remains on the blog, does not necessarily mean that it represents my views on a matter. Please, leave comments that are useful and respectful.