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Broken Systems; Thriving Religion

The brokenness of socio-political systems, not to mention lack of knowledge of self, is a reason for the propagation of religion – especially in its most harmful variations.

In the run-up to the 2015 Nigerian gubernatorial and presidential elections and in its aftermath, it turned out that a lot of civil servants were not paid salaries. For months. Yet, they were still expected to turn up at work. Some of them took to praying that “the hearts of the employers would be touched”.

I don’t understand this kind of prayer … or the mindset that would encourage one to make such a supplication.

too scared to question

A man is assassinated in cold blood. The police do nothing – they don’t even bother to file the report that was made. Probably chucked the paper, for the lady selling akara to find and use. Then, someone vigorously asserts, “The people who did this, are cursed. My god will never let them go unpunished. That is my prayer.”
If the police did their jobs, would there be a need for the unnecessary expending of energy, used to rant about ‘divine punishment’?

A young woman is sexually harassed by her university lecturer. She has nobody to report to, because even his superior wants her body. So, a student who should be studying, takes to praying. All day and night. Even when she has a test, the following day – because she knows the unscrupulous lecturer will fail her, anyway.
If the system worked, would there be any need for such ‘religious gymnastics’?

ignorance kills

The examination results of an intelligent young man, are sold.
A doctor’s negligence leads to the death of a patient.
A woman puts up with her husband’s philandering and violence.
A 15year-old, who is mandated to attend counselling in church, to rid her of so-called demons, is raped.
A widow becomes destitute after being brainwashed into believing that the more she gives to the church, the harder god will be on her late husband’s terrible relatives, who appropriated all his wealth, hours after his death.
The list is endless … and each story is horrific.

When certain things that citizenry of a country are entitled to take for granted, are not provided, people feel compelled to … pray hard. In their minds, there has to be a reason, a divine plan – to make sense of the madness. There has to be some sort of reward for their suffering.

Broken systems do a lot more harm than good.
Because instead of handling our business, taking personal responsibility for our actions and outcomes, we look to something we cannot see, to blame for or fix our situation.

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2 Comments on Broken Systems; Thriving Religion

  1. People pray more than find time to critically analysed whether their prayer request is in tally which what GOD want for them. It is time to stop praying and start thinking. GOD already knows their plight thus why keep praying for the same thing all over again. Pause for a moment and renew the mind.

  2. Am not a Nigerian but could only assume Abuja to the north of Nigeria is a considerable long journey by what ever method of travel. If you drive you will get tired after driving for 4 hours hence the motor ways have resting inns or hotel. Continous driving is dangerous. Pause for a little while refresh and get back to your journey. So I believe is prayer. Pray pray pray and so on and so on. There must be a time to rest and wind down. Perhaps time to refresh think and think again re whether ur prayer styles may in fact hindering your blessings.

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