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Cancer Survivor, Charlotte Crowl, To Tell Her Story at “Divas of Colour 2017”

Divas of Colour was created for women to express themselves, tell their stories, inspire others and be inspired. It is the place where the woman is worthy of praise and adulation; where she can be celebrated for her contributions to the world round her. This year showcases extraordinary stories of survival, lessons on “how to be master of your own body”, an opportunity to celebrate extraordinary women whose stories go beyond the norm.

Charlotte’s is one of many stories of champions who fought the monster called cancer, and won. Today, she is not only a survivor, she also hopes that her story will teach and empower more women to stand and live a more wholesome life. Her books and other activities that she engages in, her healthy lifestyle and healthy eating alternatives are the tools she uses to arm every woman to live her best life.

She says,
“My name is Charlotte Crowl and I grew up around Essex and East London. After undergoing cancer treatment for Lymphoblastic Lymphoma (Non-Hodgkins Stage 3) for over two years from when I was 17, my whole perspective of life changed. After suffering serious mental and physical side effects, I was unable to just go back to living out the same life I had before cancer. Whilst on treatment I had an extremely rare side effect where one of the drugs paralysed me and I had to learn to talk and walk again. The doctors didn’t know if it was possible but with positivity and a strong mindset, I did it. My walking is not 100% yet, but I believe one day it will be.

“I feel like I have now found my true purpose and I’m on a very self-fulfilling journey. I spend much time researching how I can get back to being the best version of myself. I also love to share my knowledge to help others. I am now fully dedicated to helping others, so that they will not experience what I have been through. I love to inspire others by sharing my journey and new found knowledge.

“I am the founder of Pure Helps To Cure CIC and Author of Cancer: The Hidden Truth. I am a young cancer survivor trying to raise awareness of the implications of not taking care of our health, and how to stay healthier through lifestyle and diet. I love sharing my story to encourage others and give them hope. All the profits from my book go to vetted cancer charities and projects.

“You can read more about my book and what I am doing via

“I hope you find great use of the knowledge I share.”

Charlotte Crowl’s books will be on sale at the Divas of Colour 2017 event as well. Proceeds from sale of her books will go to vetted cancer charities.

About Divas of Colour 2017
Now in it’s 4th edition, Divas of Colour 2017 focuses on raising awareness on gynaecological cancers, and other health issues affecting women specifically, hence, it has been tagged ‘Slay in Health’. tickets are now on sale via the website –

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