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Do Life Your Way

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Many people would prefer that you live in the way that they consider right. It is easy to forget or ignore the fact that nobody can change a grown (wo)man who hasn’t decided to change themselves.
Yet, it is only when a person realises latent ability, that they can be more than anyone else ever imagined. The point of realisation varies from one person to the next; the catalyst for one person, will very likely not be the same for another. Until you discover your reason only then can you learn how to be you and not let the world affect your being.

There are so many ways to live life, but living it on your own terms is most important and actually possible; perhaps, easier than you can imagine. This is the same whether you’re preparing for your wedding, trying to lose weight, fit into a new job, or attempting to improve your dating life, advance your career, or simply carrying yourself with full élan. Whether you live in a first world country or in the third world and no matter your level on the socio-economic ladder, you can decide what LIFE means to you.

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People typically struggle through life because they are living their lives according to some edict issued by others, who have not even discovered themselves. This struggle continues until they are able to discover ways of being themselves and live life the way they ought to.

Ever since I started to live life on my own terms, I have found three pointers, particularly helpful:

SELF-AWARENESS: Acknowledge your current situation and realise that you have control over your perception of life. The perspective you choose will help define the way you live. So mentally embrace whom you want to be, how you want to become the person, and know that you have to live in the present – each day as your best – to achieve that.
Take-away tip – Don’t strive to be someone else, thrive to be you.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: You don’t need to make life any more complex than you already think it is. Learn to take things easy and do the simple things you can, one day at a time.
Take-away tip – Life doesn’t have to be so hard.

STRIKE A BALANCE: Don’t stretch yourself so much, that you end up tilting to one side. Striking a balance requires that you constantly adjust as your life shifts, not just in different phases but daily as you live. Your health, work, family, relationships, and psyche need to be taken into consideration so that they get the attention they deserve. Striking a balance could mean taking care of your social circle. Be sure you are with the right people and seek to improve that every day.
Take-away tip – To be totally you, there must be a total you.

Precious Nwagboso is an entrepreneur, with a degree in Computing Engineering and a passion for writing, travelling, exploring new cultures and discovering new ventures. She can contacted via Lifebleach

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  1. ‘To be totally you, there must be a total you’. This is very deep. The beat gift we can give to ourselves is to live life unapologetically and on our own terms. Well done Presh

  2. Life isnt a rehearsal,live each day like its gonna be your last.Beat the previous day’s record and you will be fulfilled

  3. Well done Ms Fabulous! Nice work

  4. Beautiful. I got a lot of take aways from this.
    Thanks Presh :).

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