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Five Different Ways To Relax This Weekend

So, it’s almost the end of what some would say has been a rather short working week (what with Easter Monday being a holiday) and The Fearless Storyteller House Emporium Ltd has five different ways for you to relax this weekend … 


Forever There For You

When Nadine’s marriage starts to break down, she panics. Nothing has prepared her for this – not her education, not her faith,not her job, not her parents. But she finds out on her own that “happily ever after” is something you define and discover for yourself.

Grab this cocktail of love, friendship, domestic violence, sisterhood, cultural clashes and religion TODAY



Murder At Midnight

The second visit of former policeman, Alex Simpson to a guest-house in Obudu coincides with the brutal murder of a guest. All the guests appear to have motive and opportunity – including her own mother. There’s also the fact that the last time someone died in this guest-house, Alex was also on a visit. 

Wanna see how this story ends? Get your copy HERE



The plight of an orphan, developing the will to survive and the osu caste system are at the crux of “Ifechidere”. Does everyone need a fairy godmother? Or is a strong will enough?

Buy HERE and let me know what you think.




Because Home Is

“Because Home Is ..” is a collection of short stories on finding home, going home and being home. With themes and topics of love, bereavement, relocation, cancer and resilience, this is the book you want your friends, family and loved ones to know about. 

And you can get your own copy HERE.




A plane crash is some people’s worst nightmare. 

What happens when the plane carrying a group of students on their way to South Africa to represent Nigeria, crashes into a Congolese jungle instead? 

From crocodiles to hostile natives, there’s a lot to survive. But will their friendships, relationships, dreams and hopes for the future survive? 

There’s only one way to find out.


So, five books from The Fearless Storyteller House Emporium Ltd.

Five different genres. 

Five new things to talk about this weekend … 


It doesn’t matter what country you live; you check them all out HERE












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