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One nice summer afternoon, I was busy minding other people’s business on Facebook, when a news story strolled passed my page.


A married Italian woman and her lover got ‘stuck’ to each other while having sex in the Mediterranean Sea. The man literally couldn’t remove his penis from the woman’s vagina. An internet search, for further details, revealed that there were other cases of couples ‘sticking’ to each other whilst in coitus.
In 2012, it took “prayers” for a cheating wife and her lover to be disentangled in Kenya. The lover reportedly paid the aggrieved husband 20,000 Kenyan shillings, as compensation.
In 2009, a couple from the Philippines were stuck to each other for 17 hours. The man was given a tranquiliser before he could disunite from his lover.

In all the cases, common themes were ‘Penis Captivus’, ‘Spells’ and ‘Infidelity’. My initial thought was “Magun! So the spell transcends to all cultures”.

Magun in Yoruba (in this context, one of Nigeria’s indigenous languages), literally means “Do not climb”. The phrase is similar to one used by the Igbo (another Nigerian tribe – A ma gona”, which means the same thing: do not climb. It is believed to be a spell cast by husbands on wives, who are suspected of adultery. Usually obtained from voodoo priests, the spells are put by door entrances for the women to step over. They are quickly removed soon after, because it is believed that if the women cross them again, the potency of the spell would be ruined.

My initial knowledge of ‘magun’ was from reading “Lolly” (the sexual comic of my youth). Dauda The Sexy Guy (one of the characters) got ‘stuck’ to a married woman whilst having sex with her. A voodoo priest had to perform rituals to get them unstuck. After that, anecdotal accounts from friends, added to my knowledge of magun.

Some would scoff at such an explanation for these occurrences, which have actually been documented. For what science has to say, visit us here tomorrow …

Nola Solomon is a Specialist Public Health Nurse, with a background in Paediatrics. She blogs at and lives in Manchester (UK) with her five beautiful children.

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