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Gracia Muamba Justice: The Growth Specialist

At certain points in her previous job, Gracia Muamba Justice felt like she wasn’t good enough. Today, the Women4Africa 2017 “Businesswoman of the Year” finalist runs The Growth Specialist Ltd and is passionate about helping people become financially free …


Name: Gracia Muamba Justice

Best known for: Being part of the Living Waters Choir and Owner of The Growth Specialist Ltd


Describe yourself in three words: Hard-working, kind and smart

Previous occupation: International Customer Service Advisor

12-month goal: To help at least 100 people become financially free.

Describe your outlook & what makes your work, unique: I like helping other people and I am the only business consultant who delivers material the way I do.

Your greatest career highlights to date: Setting up my own consultancy company, receiving business recognition awards from organisations such as Womanhood Global and Women of Purpose

Is international appeal important to you? Yes, I love the idea of being able to help people in different nations.

Most important piece of equipment you use in your career: My laptop and my board

A typical day for you is: Go to university, read, then watch Hollyoaks

What legacy would you like to leave? I want to show people that your success doesn’t depend on your background, you can become whomever you want to become if you work hard. And I want my future children and those I lead to know that it is possible to be great even in the UK.


Career Challenges

What is the hardest professional decision you’ve ever had to make? Deciding what to charge for a training programme I had to offer

Gracia’s business convention

Your biggest career mistake: Staying at my previous job for more than a year, while believing at some periods that I was not good enough

Most common & avoidable mistake you see in younger people in your career: Many entrepreneurs are so fixated on creating the perfect products or services, that they end up wasting their time and money.

Single piece of advice you give your mentees: Do what you are called to do, that is when you will succeed.



You live in: Wolverhampton

Favourite food: Bread

Biggest spiritual/life lesson you’ve learned: To trust God.

What do you do for leisure? Sleep and read

One app or piece of technology you cannot do without: My laptop

Your most over-used word/phrase: “Good for you.”


You can find out more about what Gracia does by checking her out on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Gracia is also hosting a business convention at the University of Wolverhampton on 22 July 2017.

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