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Healthier-in-6: The Medical Exam

I have found that many of my male patients are especially averse to having  medical check-up!!! It feels to me like there is something in many men, that makes them believe that they have steel where others have bones.

Yet, unnecessary expenditure of money and time, not to mention pain, will be prevented if a person is consistent with annual medical examination. While I am aware that there are people who might not be able to afford this, I urge such persons to take responsibility for their health by at least eating healthy, being physically active and keeping stress levels to the barest minimum. This will help reduce chances of developing any chronic disease. 

This is the seventh blog post in the Healthier This Quarter series. And there’s a bonus post next week … 

Adebisi Ibrahim (BSc, MS, RDN, CDN) is a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist based, in New York City. She is a Food, Dietetics, and Nutrition graduate from the Herbert Lehman College, NYC and can be reached on Facebook

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