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I Know What They Got Up To, Over The Weekend

So, about a couple of weeks ago, I was contacted – about a script.
Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m rather wary when it comes to certain things; for instance, badly-written movies, wooden acting, poor producing and the blanket argument of “But we’re not Hollywood; even if it’s rubbish, you should appreciate your own.”

Sorry, but “my own” does not include mediocrity.
But I digress. Sort of …

Anyway, I was mega-chuffed when I heard some details.
Then, the production company said I needed to go away for a scriptwriting weekend, with a couple of people – including the writer of the script. And I signed an NDA.
The scriptwriting weekend happened last weekend (15 April – 18 April, 2016).

Let’s just say that I was blown away for a number of reasons.
The hotel, where we were booked – Bucker’s Palace Hotel – has to be one of the worst hotels I have ever experienced, with a worse-than-dismal understanding of customer service. They were clueless about the fact that the prices on their own website were very different from what they were presenting at the front desk. There was no electricity (which wasn’t their fault), but their generator had malfunctioned and they did nothing about it (which was their fault). There was no water, which one of us discovered during a shower! Ventilation was horrid.

The fact that the hotel isn’t exactly visible from the express road, yet the staff couldn’t be bothered to take the time or make the effort to dispense decent service in order to gain positive reviews and referrals – is something that baffles me.
But this is Nigeria, where people shoot themselves and their business in the foot; only to claim that a phantom devil is fighting their business success. RME.

Anyway, we relocated on Saturday morning to De La Premier Inn, where we got a totally different experience.
There were a few blips with electricity (NEPA is a joke, like I’ve already indicated here) – but these were momentary lapses, because their generator which was actually functioning, came on pretty quickly.
Clean, decent-sized rooms.
Functional air-conditioning units.
Staff who actually got up from the reception and came to the rooms of their guests, to sort out issues (I’d to call them to sort the shower).
Very conducive for work.

Work; we did a lot of.
There are few things as amazing as tearing a script to pieces and building up the idea, to the point where you get excited just seeing the script treatment.
I was exhausted by this morning, but so thrilled. Now, I can’t wait to see the cast that will BRING THIS HOME … and I can’t wait for the première!

All Rights Reserved, Chioma Nnani

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