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I’m Better Than You Because …

So, unless you are painfully obtuse (OK, just uninformed) – you have heard it said by now that Nigeria is officially in a recession.
Many people are doing all sorts – honest, dishonest, creative, outright bloody criminal – to survive.

And one of the things that baffles me is the perception of certain jobs that are completely legal.
The other day I saw something (in passing, because I honestly couldn’t be bothered to read the entire thing) about how proof of the country being in hell, is that university graduates are fighting over blue-collar jobs. And I felt immensely sorry for Nigeria.

Only in Nigeria will someone think it is normal to view a job as unworthy of them, because it doesn’t come with the perks of working in a massive, air-conditioned office + a secretary that they can bully order about + a chauffeur to be at their beck and call + a country club membership. Even before this the advent of this state-of-affairs that Nigeria has found herself in been plunged into by greedy, visionless, opportunistic leaders … I’d read about people castigating Dangote. Because he hires drivers who are university graduates!
The arrogance of some people is so astounding, that they need special deliverance.

I remember being really excited about a particular job I had, in a cafe. Yes, you read right – a university cafe. I got the gig via a recruitment agency and I still remember this conversation I had with the (I think she was a) consultant, who was looking at me in surprise because I wouldn’t stop yapping about how I’d learned to use a till. Some call it cash register. Again, you read right – I was supposed to make teas, coffees and baguettes, then take payment for them at a college cafeteria. I was excited that I’d been in the position to learn a new skill. I didn’t think of the experience as demeaning, or whatever else. And by that time, I had already bagged my Law (LLB) degree from the University of Kent!

So, I am worried for this generation.
A generation full of hot-headed ignoramuses, who want to fly before they can walk. A generation that despises the process, but will cut corners without any reservation.
A generation that, despite its over-engagement with organised religion, decides whether a person is of value based on their job description. That’s why you hear comments like “A mere house-help” or “He’s just a driver!” It’s also the reason that a person doesn’t feel blessed as long as they are selling bread (which human being eat and pay for, by the way). It is pitiful and so shameful. That’s why people look down on the woman who sells bread and akara by the roadside, without realising just how powerful that woman is.
A generation in which people want to buy, wear and be cossetted by possessions- without working for them.
A generation that is ashamed of honest work.

The other day, this sad, attention-seeking, mentally unstable, ugly-inside-and-outside, pitiable female who hates herself so much that she can’t even use her own name on social media (lawd knows what she’s hiding from) tried to diss my sister; said my sister was a cleaner (my sister is a nurse, but that’s not the point). This ridiculous creature said that my sister had to work a double shift before she could buy stuff. And some equally pitiful cretins were hailing her. That is why they will steal and get involved in all kinds of crap. Forgive me for being shocked, but I assumed that there is a way that normal people behave – work till you can afford whatever it is you want. Pull a double shift if you have to! Working doesn’t kill.

You’re not better than anyone, on account of their job description. Why would you even harbour such a thought?
I have a principle that some consider harsh and unprofessional; I am not fussed by how well a person fawns over a CEO at lunch; they’re supposed to do that. I look at how they treat the cleaner in their organisation. And if you treat your subordinates like sh*t, there’s a hood chance that I won’t do business with you. That tells me you lack basic decency. And that despite what a bank account says, you are very poor. And truly ugly.

All Rights Reserved, Chioma Nnani

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  1. Truer words have not being spoken!

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