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Jasmine Kasoma: Zambian Lady Boss

Jasmine Kasoma is doing something pretty unusual in the music industry of her native Zambia. The young achiever and boss is also a Women4Africa 2017 Award nominee …


Name: Jasmine Kasoma

Best Known For: Music Management and Business


Describe yourself in three words: Creative, Ambitious and Social

Previous occupation: Booking Agent and Marketer

12-month goal: To open a booking agency in Zambia and to establish my own consultancy

Describe your outlook & what makes your work, unique: I love discovering what’s missing in the market and using that as an opportunity to create solutions. As I have an open mind, I am able to give people a chance to express their ideas and look for ways I can help them expand on it. I also have the ability to come up quickly with unique and creative business ideas.

Your greatest career highlights to date: Establishing a music management company, ZeeMusic Zed in Zambia that is recognisable. I also started the annual ZeeMusic Creative Awards.

Is international appeal important to you? Yes it is.

Most important piece of equipment you use in your career: My Macbook Pro.

A typical day for you is: Attending meetings, catching up on emails and doing radio interviews or TV appearances with my artistes

What legacy would you like to leave? Being able to re-establish the music industry here in Zambia.


Career Challenges

What is the hardest professional decision you’ve ever had to make? Choosing between whether I wanted to branch into the music business or go into finance and banking that was a legacy passed down by my parents.

Most common & avoidable mistake you see in younger people in your career: Believing that this career has a fast turnaround and is the easiest choice. You need to be prepared to work hard and be patient. It requires a lot of networking. It also takes a while to establish yourself and maintain a credible, recognisable brand.

Single piece of advice you give your mentees: Never give up in what you believe in. If you have a passion for something, work hard on it and make it come true.



You live in: Paddington Green, London. But I am currently in Zambia for a few months preparing for the awards.

Favourite food: Nshima, Oxtail and beans

Biggest spiritual/life lesson you’ve learned: Have faith but put in consistent work.

What do you do for leisure? I love to attend music festivals, go the movies and try out different food places.

One app or piece of technology you cannot do without: My laptop.

Your most over-used word/phrase: “Literally”


Jasmine will be at the ZeeMusic Creative Awards on 15 September 2017. But in the mean time, you can find out more about her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube

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