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John Edobor Flees To America To Evade Justice

John Edobor

When John Edobor attacked his estranged wife, Ivie Edobor with a crow-bar – it was so that he could get rid of her once and for all. But she survived. The case received attention and outrage when Ivie took to social media after being given the run-around by some of the authorities. For starters, John had (not so laughably) been charged with assault; a bailable offence, meaning he was free to go to work at Zenith Bank with leverage to continue to harass and terrorise Ivie on the phone.

Zenith Bank knew about and implicitly approved of John’s actions. They kept him in their employ as a Risk Manager in an organisation with female staff, customers and shareholders. John was relieved of his position barely 24 hours after this blog post went out … or so people who claim to be informed by Zenith Bank, would have us believe.


However, not only did Zenith Bank PLC not fire John Edobor; they also paid him off – further enabling him in his attempt to evade justice. Which is what John is currently doing in New Jersey in the United States of America.


He did not show up in court in April and has no intention of showing up on 9 May, either; nobody can be in two places at the same time. John Edobor left for the United States on this two-year visa, on 16 March 2017, with his mistress.



Prior to that, he obtained a kangaroo divorce – although Ivie (the woman he tried to kill) is listed on the paperwork, she was never made aware of the matrimonial proceedings in which she is named as a respondent.

John has since obtained an apartment in New Jersey.

He has also tried to enrol in school in the United States because he was aided and abetted in leaving the country where he is standing trial.

His lawyer claims that he had no idea of his client’s whereabouts. Now, we all do.


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