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Josephine Effah-Chukwuma: Passionate Gender Activist

She’s one of the leading ladies when it comes to fighting against domestic violence in Nigeria. I still remember my first conversation with her, shortly after the release of “Forever There For You”.

It took a while to get this interview done, and I’m glad because Josephine Effah-Chukwuma is the exact kind of Amazon for whom this column was created …

Name: Josephine Effah-Chukwuma
Best Known For: Women’s Human Rights Activism & Founding Project Alert
Describe yourself in three words: Passionate Gender Activist
Previous occupation: Journalist
12-month goal: Mentor 12 young female activists & 5 upcoming women human rights organizations
Describe your outlook & what makes your work/brand, unique:
Project Alert does not just advocate for women’s rights and zero tolerance for all forms of violence against women; we are the leading organisation for providing an integrated response to violence against women, through the rendering of practical support services. We also set up the first battered women’s shelter in Nigeria
Your greatest career highlights to date: Setting up SOPHIA’S PLACE, the first battered women’s shelter in Nigeria; and scaling through to working with government at state and federal levels to set up shelters.
Is international appeal important to you? To some extent
Most important piece of equipment you use in yourcareer: The media
A typical day for you is: Going to work and rendering support to an abused woman/girl.
What legacy would you like to leave? A legacy of zero tolerance for all forms of violence against women/girls, especially domestic and sexual violence.

Career Challenges
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What is the hardest professional decision you’ve ever had to make? Deciding if to venture into government (politics) and try to bring about change from within, or stay in the non-governmental sector and bring about change from the outside.
Your biggest career mistake: Over-dependence on donor funding for long, which meant that we didn’t explore alternative sources of funding
Most common & avoidable mistake you see in younger people in your career: Not being focused enough, and lacking depth in their understanding and analysis of issues
Single piece of advice you give your mentees: Stay focused, be detailed and analytical, and stay consistent

You live in: Lagos
Favourite food: Plantain & Beans
Biggest spiritual/life lesson you’ve learned: My GOD keeps covenants
What do you do for leisure? Listen to music, watch movies and read novels
One app or piece of technology you cannot do without: FB and WhatsApp
Your most over-used phrase: “Father Lord …”

You can also find Josephine on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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