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How To Make Writing Easier

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In a world that’s moving so fast, intelligent conversations continue to birth golden opportunities. Yet, many have lost their writing skills as well as the ability to create coherent arguments, while some seem not to have acquired any at all.

There are those who believe they are communicating, even when they use “text speak” and are entitled to pardon – no matter how unprofessional and unintelligible they are. Yet, attempting to communicate in this way, continues to cost them plenty.

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Let’s Blame Emojis And Memes
Do we blame it on emojis? The word emoji comes from the Japanese words ‘e’ (picture) and ‘moji’ (character). Regardless of the emoji sentiment, analysis and ranking, emojis and memes have come to stay. A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words.

The Twitter Box
Twitter only lets you express yourself in 140 characters; how many words does that get you? Some people have been able to sum up their thoughts in a way that doesn’t leave their readers struggling to understand; why can’t you, too?

Instagram Called Forth Hashtags
A hashtag isn’t just a fancy character, a pretend pound sign on your keyboard or the character that precedes an error on an Excel spreadsheet. It is now what it is – a hashtag: a type of label which makes it easier for social media users to find messages with a specific theme. So you just follow the hashtags and try to make sense of the conversations.

Facebook Tweaked Something
Although Twitter is at the helm of the 140-character’ affairs, Facebook recently gave users the option of updating their status in 140 characters, placed on a coloured background. Now you have the choice of keeping it short and colourful, or saying all that’s on your mind with as many words as you can.

Although some people get into a struggle with the auto-correct function on their phones by typing what they feel is right, some others just type and rely on auto-correct to help them. One of its functions is to check spellings, after all. However, auto-correct also memorises the pattern of what you type on your device and builds a bank of words with it. It’s a good example of “garbage in, garbage out”.

Being Comfortable With Informalities
Some insist that “English is not everyone’s first language” and are more comfortable in informal settings. A lot of people were not taught proper grammar during their formative years, while a few others simply refused to learn. So, even as university undergraduates, some tend to make it a point of duty to insist that the knowledge of the English Language is not essential. This abnormal thought pattern flourishes in such minds and continues to cause damage, years after graduation. Comments like, “I stays in my hometown” start sounding like a normality to them, instead of the aberration that it is.

Do We Also Blame Transliteration?
“Let me come and be going” – a transliteration from an Igbo sentence “Ka m bia gawa.” There are many other phrases in various dialects, which people have translated into English, word for word. But this doesn’t make them acceptable in formal English, because converting an entire sentence from one language to another, actually requires some tact.

Precious Nwagboso is an entrepreneur with a degree in Computing Engineering, and a passion for writing, travelling, exploring new cultures and discovering new ventures. She can be contacted via Lifebleach.

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