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My Second BEFFTA Nomination

So, two mornings ago – I learned that I had bagged my second UK BEFFTA nomination. “Best Author” category.


BEFFTA means Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts. So, it’s this mega-cool award, that has the effect of gold dust on the career of outstanding talent, who are black. No joke. For the black community, it’s one of the most coveted awards. In fact, last year, when I found out I’d been nominated, I was shocked. So shocked, that I actually had an asthmatic attack. It wasn’t funny, at the time.

This year, I didn’t have an asthmatic attack (thank goodness!) – but I was still very surprised. As I’m no longer based in the UK, it didn’t cross my mind that I would bag another nomination. So, I didn’t bother to check. Till voting had actually begun – I remember looking at the list and doing a double-take, because I was like, “Is that my name?” I refreshed the browser, then closed it. Opened it again, took another look – my name was still there. I thought, “Maybe, I am looking at the list for 2014? But I don’t recognise some of the names from last year.” Cue refreshing the browser again – yep, 2015 list. SMH.

Voting has now ended – ended on 26 October, 2015.
I have no idea if I’ll actually win. But I am grateful.

Grateful to the person(s) who nominated me.
Grateful for the positive interest in/acknowledgement of my career.
Grateful for the fans, who took the time to vote.
Grateful for the opportunities and exposure – until my BEFFTA nomination last year, I hadn’t even realised that certain doors were even there for me to walk through.
And so incredibly grateful for Pauline Long, whose courage and vision has caused BEFFTA to exist, in the first place.

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  1. You are really good at what you are doing. Congratulations.

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