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Placida Acheru: Love Unboxed

I have something in common with Placida Acheru and no, it’s not just being an author. The Women4Africa nominee works really hard, understands the difference between progress and activity, and her favourite phrase is one I have said to myself so many times …


Name: Placida Acheru

Best Known For: Supporting women take charge of their future.


Describe yourself in three words: Happy, Engaging, Inspiring

Previous occupation: Senior Assistant Registrar

12-month goal: Write and publish two more additions of my International Bestseller “Love Unboxed” and take 100 women on the journey to become published authors

Describe your outlook & what makes your work unique: Transforming your visualisations might seem more obtainable in this time of social networking and ease of access to customers, but makes it harder to differentiate yourself. There so much fake news which makes everything seem possible. I prefer to give people the actual skills and tools so that they know nothing is impossible. The problem with social media is that with links to over six figures of social media “friends”, we can be privy to an overwhelming amount of content. So, filtering is vital. We all need to allocate our time to make sure we complete the most important objectives. For me this means switching off my work phone for set periods and when it is back on prioritising my return calls. Customer service is so important as it takes a long time to win business, but we all need to grow so planning and time management are vital. I am not afraid to use experts for time-consuming low financial return tasks. I believe if it does not add value to my day, it needs to be delegated to someone else.

Your greatest career highlights to date: Publishing Love Unboxed to 5-star reviews and international bestseller status in 5 countries within its first month.

Is international appeal important to you? The internet gives us all a wider reach. I would not say it is appeal that motivates me. But I believe Black women should have a global voice and the more of us that can be heard, the sooner intolerance and misunderstanding can be eliminated through educating the world that we are all here to make women great globally.

Most important piece of equipment you use in your career: My laptop

A typical day for you is: I finish each day with a prayer to thank God for what he has given me and to set myself for the next day. It is a routine that gives me the energy for the following day so I can hit the ground running.

What legacy would you like to leave? What a question! I want to help other women that I touch in some way, achieve their dreams. I would love a book I wrote to be the guide all women would read and pass to their daughters as they follow their own journeys through life. At the moment, my focus is on helping women be heard by taking them on the journey to be authors.


Career Challenges

What is the hardest professional decision you’ve ever had to make? With every new event in view, they become bigger and bigger, as do the stakes. Getting “bums on seats” is never easy.

Your biggest career mistake: I am a business coach. I am good at seeing the holes in other people’s plans. Seeing them in my own is not so easy. Making resources grow is very difficult in a small business. If you do not remove overhead in lean times, you will be starved of cash. My biggest mistakes come from not planning and identifying all the risks. It is good to be an optimist, but you still need to identify and manage the risks. You cannot rely on God to watch your back everyday! Or blame him for your oversight.

Most common & avoidable mistake you see in younger people in your career: Building strong foundations in knowledge and experience is crucial when you are a young person. It is almost impossible for young people to know their true vocation in life because there is so much pressure from families to follow known paths. Young people should not be afraid to think big and go for the best they can in life. Every day should be a learning day when you are young.

Single piece of advice you give your mentees: Discover your WHY. Forget the noise around. Focus on goals and implement.



You live in: London. United Kingdom

Favourite food: I like my life spicy and my food to be the same. Thai dishes, Indian curry (Naga Chilli from my local Bermondsey Tandoori) or pasta dishes will do the trick. I am particularly into a Jamie Oliver recipe of grilled mushrooms spiced with chilli at the moment. Make this for me and you are my friend.

Biggest spiritual/life lesson you’ve learned: Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you.

What do you do for leisure? Dance.

One app or piece of technology you cannot do without: My mobile phone; it’s my mobile office.

Your most over-used word/phrase: “I will just finish this bit of work before I go to bed!”


Placida Acheru is on social media – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. And if you are in London on 29 April, you can meet Placida at the Vision Activation Workshop event in Surrey Quays. 


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