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A picture can be worth a thousand words.

But the creation of the perfect picture can actually depend on the correct interpretation of the right words.

You might be the Regional Director of an NGO, looking for a script for your latest fund-raising campaign. You know viewers will see through a cliché, but you still want something emotive enough for them to fund that borehole project – so that children can have access to clean water.

Maybe you’re an ad company whose client is fed up of seeing the same old, tired-looking reels of their (organisation’s) product on cable television.

You may be a CEO, who would rather have the image of your organisation jazzed up, in the public consciousness.

Or a production company, on the lookout for your next big hit.

If you are in any of the above categories, I would like to hear from you. With storytelling abilities extending to scripts, I can produce tight, short, meaningful scripts – guaranteed to help you tell your story and connect with your audience.