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Simplify Your Life

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Because of how fast-paced the world is, the thought of simplifying life can be gratifying yet seem unrealistic.
There are bills to pay, laundry to sort or send out, school runs to do, classes to take projects to submit, and meals to be made. Then, there are people to visit, relationship issues to solve, decisions to make … and that can all happen in a week. If you’re not having a particularly good week, you might also have an emergency – the car might break down, a loved one might have an accident, your child’s teacher might want to have a special conversation with you because your child is acting up, you run out of gas while you’re cooking, and your tailor isn’t taking your calls.
Just thinking about all that, can make a person giddy with the wrong kind of excitement and cause a spike in blood pressure. But I have found some tried-and-tested ways to simplify my life:

GIVE, GIVE, GIVE: Some people believe that they have to super-rich in finances before they give. Yet, being rich isn’t just about money, but about having the heart to offer to meet another’s need. We all have that one person we can count on for something. Try to be that person that someone around you can count on for at least one thing. Whether it is a word of genuine advice, encouragement, money, or simply helping resolve an issue in a difficult situation; we can offer something.
Take-away tip – No-one ever became poor from giving.

TAKE A BREAK: This does not always mean an actual holiday. You do not have to wait for a breakdown to take a break. Just learn to pause and break free even if it means staying home by yourself for a day. A good spa treatment can be more therapeutic than we imagine. And if you have the travel bug, indulge!
Take-away tip – If you take mini breaks you avoid a breakdown.

LOVE: Taking the time to invest in and keep up with good relationships, spreads love and happiness. Be there for your family and friends when they need you. And as often as you can, tell and show people that you care about them.
Take-away tip – Keep spreading love, it never hurts to do so.

BE GRATEFUL: Acknowledge and be grateful for the good parts of yourself and others. When people are nice to you, appreciate them. Be grateful for the people in your life, but value yourself enough to walk away from relationships and situations that no longer serve you, help you grow, or contribute to your happiness.
Take-away tip – If you love who you are today, you will love better whom you are going to become tomorrow.

Precious Nwagboso is an entrepreneur, with a degree in Computing Engineering and a passion for writing, travelling, exploring new cultures and discovering new ventures. She can contacted via Lifebleach

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  1. Very inspiring… I’m going to try to avoid mini breakdown by taking regular breaks!

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