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Snack Ideas This Christmas

So, it’s three days to Christmas and maybe you’re concerned about what snacks to serve your guests. You want something they’ll enjoy, but you don’t want to get into debt!

Baking isn’t everyone’s hobby but I find that cupcakes are easy to make. You don’t have to make it like an expert would.

Shred some carrots into cake mixtures and add some nuts to give it good flavor and less sugar content.
You can also make puff-puff, buns chin-chin, meat pie and fish roll.

While this might take some time, it is more beneficial financially to make them at home than buying from outside. Involve the kids; let it serve as family time. Many hands together in such cases, makes it easier.

It’s also not too late to look at last week’s post on Christmas drinks, or the one before that on Christmas food on a budget.

Have a fantastic holiday!

Adebisi Ibrahim (BSc, MS, RDN, CDN) is a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist based in New York City. She is a Food, Dietetics and Nutrition graduate of the Herbert Lehman College, NYC. You can reach her HERE or you can just leave a comment below.

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