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That Thing About Role Models …

One of my sisters – we’re not blood, but as good as – is one of the hottest, sexiest women I know. Yes, I am 112% heterosexual. No, you may not have her contact details 🙂
She wears what she wants and dresses for her figure – she’s a woman who is not afraid or ashamed of being beautiful.

She got a message a while ago, from a … person, on Facebook – castigating her for ‘not being a good enough role model for his young daughter’. No, she does not know the dude. No, she has never met his daughter.

There was a time when people used the phrase role model, to refer to responsible parents, scientists, astronauts, incredible lawyers, cardio-thoracic surgeons, university professors and civil rights leaders.



Then, various changes arrived and the only characteristics needed to be a ‘role model’ was visibility – how famous are they – and bank balance (real or imagined).
With these, came a truly arrogant imagination of just how much power to wield over a so-called role model.

I remember the hulabaloo over Tiwa Savage’s video.
Then, I watched it … and I just didn’t understand why there was an outcry. Especially given the latent (OK, blatant) hypocrisy of many Nigerian females.

I saw one of Kim Kardashian’s photos – the one that ‘broke the internet’.
No, I’m not a fan. I don’t care about her, one way or the other.
I just found it amusing and ironic that the only reason I saw those photos, was because of the outcry of unpaid marketers posing as ‘religious and moral crusaders’.

Monalisa Chinda escaped an abusive marriage.
Cue Nigerian women (some of whom will die in their abusive situations) lambasting her for ‘not being a good role model’.

It is amusing, yet horrifying when you leave your JOB up to a celebrity, just because they are in the public eye.
It is a shameful abrogation of your DUTY to sit on a high horse and act like it’s someone else’s responsibility to raise YOUR child.



Admitting that a celebrity, that your child has never met, is a bigger influence on the child LIVING IN YOUR HOUSE – is not something to be proud of.
Because you are implying, no, stating … you are stating that as a parent, you are a categorical failure. Own your failure as a parent.

There were celebrities, when I was growing up.
I did not turn into any of them – regardless of whether they displayed angelic or HUMAN tendencies. I grew up to have the backbone to (at least try to) become the best version of ME.

Do YOUR job.
If you’re not actually related to a celebrity, they don’t live in your house. They don’t force your kid to watch anything that you claim to have a problem, with. They should not be raising your offspring. They have their own lives.



I don’t understand why my sister got that kind of flak, from a dude who is probably comparing her to his wife, every opportunity he gets.
Me? I just want to raid her wardrobe.

All Rights Reserved, Chioma Nnani

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