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The ‘Awful’ Thing About Feminism …

The reason that many Nigerian women will bite you, if you even mention “feminism” is because they want to continue to use, hurt, abuse and manipulate men – without any repercussions.

After all, if there’s nothing like equality:
– it’ll be OK to expect a man to pay on every date
– you can tax him, from the second he asks you out

urban myth
– nobody will tell you how much of an inconsiderate witch you are, when you say, “Nke m bu nke m; mana nke ya bu nke anyi” (mine is mine, but his is ours).

How awful it would be, if you couldn’t get away with some of these things anymore, right?

But when you want to blackmail someone into giving you a job that you don’t deserve, you’ll become an emergency feminist.

Shame on you:
– if your man has never received even airtime (phone credit) from you
– if you’ve led him to believe that he must pay for everything
– if he would think he’s hallucinating in the event that you offered to pay on a date
– if you think it is “native wisdom” to maltreat him “because it’ll make him respect you”

As another Chioma would say, “Ta to your ta!”

Erm – PS – Disclaimer: Parasitic males are not covered by this post. If all you do is take from her, you’re on your own.

All Rights Reserved, Chioma Nnani

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