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Three Lessons From The Davido vs Dele Momodu Brouhaha

The last day of 2015 was proof that certain things are so weird, that they should not happen, under any circumstances.

A 60yyear-old man, Dele Momodu took to social media, to embarrass himself.
But then, he has a penchant for doing so, anyway – it was he who told the entire world, via Twitter, that his niece had bred with a Nigerian singer. Nobody asked him. In fact, prior to his announcement of the birth in July 2015, the information wasn’t in the public domain. In a similar manner, the issues in the family weren’t common knowledge, till Mr Momodu began another Twitter rampage …

L-R: David 'Davido' Adeleke and Dele Momodu Pic from

L-R: David ‘Davido’ Adeleke and Dele Momodu
Pic from

Three lessons from the ‘proceedings’:
1. Age is not proof of maturity. Or common sense. Or decorum.
In African culture, the older you are, the more of an assumption there is, that you are a custodian of grace, leadership skills and wisdom. There are many phrases to describe (the actions of) a 60year-old man who rushes to social media, to give out unnecessary information and tell outright lies about situations that should be dealt with as privately and sensitively as possible. You gotta feel for the family, where such an individual is the ‘elder’ …

2. You need to come to equity, with cleaner hands than the other party.
OK, so really it should be that “you must come to equity with clean hands”. But it would be naive to act like there are any completely innocent parties in this – apart from the baby, of course. However, if you’re going to appear on social media (or another public space), angling for public sympathy – you’d better be telling the truth. Lying, then crying ‘privacy’ after your lies have been discovered and dissected, has a way of making you look unstable and turning the public against you.

3. Unprotected sex has a way of inflicting unpalatable consequences on a person and their family.
With the reality of unplanned pregnancies, STIs and other complications, I am shocked that anyone would take the risk with unprotected sex. Seriously, condoms are not that expensive. They’re a lot cheaper than a lifetime of angst and “Mummy said” vs “Daddy said” that a child has to deal with. And there’s the fact that with the addition of social media, some comments and sentiments will be remembered, long after the actual furore has died down.

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  1. I agree completely… One can only hope Davidoff appreciates the importance of condoms and other forms of protection.

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