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UK-Based Doctor Defies Cancer Diagnosis To Pen Inspirational Book For Women

A sought-after speaker, health coach, and Doctor, Dr Nkem Ezeilo (Dr Kem) is proud to offer her latest book; “Inspirational Blueprints” which will serve as an interactive personal development Bible, as well as a personal success guide for women who want to take their journey to the next level.

The principles shared in it have been proven to work in any area of personal and professional Life. In March 2015, Dr Nkem Ezeilo was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, a diagnosis which carries a grim prognosis of weeks to months. Determined and strong-willed, Dr Kem knew she would beat it, by practising what she teaches about Optimal Mindset being the key to success in any area of life, including health. While on her sickbed – defying medical expectations and prognosis – Dr Kem decided to start a home-based business, as she could no longer work at the Clinic.

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She has since risen, rather rapidly, through the ranks, proving that excuses are merely in the mind. With this experience, she has decided to update her life-transforming book, “Inspirational Blueprints for Personal Success for Women”, as a lot had happened since the first edition was published in 2010. Readers will love and learn from the new insights, strategies and findings in this revised edition, as Dr Kem has written the contents with great compassion to liberate women from suffering and negative thinking patterns.

“Inspirational Blueprints” will serve as daily guide for a life-shaping process to greatness in all areas of life, notwithstanding the reader’s profession or career, social or economic status. This book will be available starting from March on the publisher’s website and readers can place an order now at a discount.

Dr Kem will also be kick-starting her inspirational book signing tour at this year’s Divas of Colour event, where readers, especially women would be opportuned to receive their signed copies.

About Dr Nkem Ezeilo:
Dr Nkem Ezeilo (Dr Kem) is a UK registered GP, Author, sought-after Speaker and Health Coach. She had a private practice at London’s famous Harley Street. ###

For more information about Dr Nkem Ezeilo and her book, “Inspirational Blueprints”, please visit the publisher’s website.
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