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What Will ‘They’ Say?

I find it amusing, yet paradoxically offensive that some people would believe and even propagate ignorant mindsets – in this day and age.

They will do this under the guise of religion, tradition, or this is the way it’s always been done – which is pretty much the same as the first two. The typical Nigerian is terrified of questions – asking, or being asked. So, they will accept any nonsense (literally), spread and defend it; just because it’s more uncomfortable to actually think. There’s also the fact that they don’t want to be known as a troublemaker, even when the alternative is dying in silence. Or worrying themselves to death.

what will they say

I remember talking to an estate agent, who happened to mention that even when he finds what he considers a discrepancy on his monthly bank statement, he doesn’t question it. Some banks have a way of imposing charges that you don’t understand. Sometimes, those charges are massive; sometimes, they appear negligible – but in my opinion, the charges ensure that your books aren’t balanced at the end of the day.
“It’s your account,” I said, “I don’t see why you don’t ask your account manager to explain!”
“But,” he countered, “it’s only four Naira. I drive a big car. They know that in the bank. How can I go and ask to see my account manager, over four Naira, here and there? It would be too embarrassing.”
I shook my head. “They know you drive a big car. They are counting on your being too embarrassed to ask questions. It’s clearly not just four Naira, because it’s annoying you enough for you to be complaining to me, a total stranger, about it.”
“I will look somehow,” he insisted.
“You have money in the bank. They work for you. You have earned the right to look somehow,” I replied.
Dude just looked at me like I was incredulous.

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  1. so true…I recall a few instances when my friends would question why i insist on taking my change from restaurants especially when it’s a few coins

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