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When Seduction Ain’t That Deep

One of the things I find really interesting is how a refusal to take personal responsibility can morph from a fashionable thing into a staple.

It’s not my fault; they seduced me and made me do it.

There is this story I have heard countless times. If you grew up in Nigeria, you probably have, too. It’s the one about how when someone encounters strangers in a taxi, they hear ‘dollars’ or ‘foreign currency’ and lose all reasoning. They normally return to their senses after they’ve cleaned out their bank accounts, stolen money from their loved ones and those who trusted them., and done some things ranging from terrifying to stupid. They often talk about being under a spell.

They appear to forget – or are even completely unaware – that their own greed … that longing for other people’s property (in this case, ‘dollars’) or the promise of easy wealth (when they are swayed by the promise of wealth via money-doubling) is their real waterloo. So, they are quick to say “It’s not my fault; someone made me do it.”

That excuse – and its variants – competing for “most ridiculous comment of all time”.
You choose to cheat on your wife; it’s not your fault. It’s the fault of the woman (or man) that you slept with.
You cheat on an exam; it’s not your fault. It’s the fault of your classmates who sold you the tools, with which to cheat.
You peddle drugs and get caught; it’s not your fault. The lifestyle dazzled you, till you couldn’t think straight any more. They seduced you.

Yet, it’s funny how nobody ever says, “I studied hard and passed my exams, because someone made me do so.”
Or “I didn’t really want to be successful at my job; someone seduced me into it. Feel sorry for me.”
And “But it’s the fault of my neighbours that I bought this car with wages from honest work; they made me do it.”

Some of the things we claim are a result of seduction are just a half-hearted attempt to explain away our own avarice. Because let’s be honest, a person who is minding their own business cannot accidentally fall on or into another person’s private parts; it just doesn’t happen.

All Rights Reserved, Chioma Nnani

2 Comments on When Seduction Ain’t That Deep

  1. Very enlightening

  2. Greed is a destroyer! The easy way isn’t always the best; easy money, gifts, etc! I have practically been thrown out a cab just because I wasn’t interested in some conversation about a business transaction which involved changing dollars into naira. Egbami! I was on my way to work for goodness sakes! The money isn’t mine nor my business, why should I be interested in the first place? You do not know me from Adam or Steve, yet you want me to have a part of the money! I was even bothered why the driver and other passengers seemed interested in this transaction. And so they asked if I was willing to go with them. I refused without even thinking! Kilo Kanmi! And that was how I got saved! Driver pulled over and ordered my exit out of his cab. I had hardly put my other feet down before he sped away cursing his ancestors, not mine! Then it hit me, just then, that these were the so-called one chance people. Your greed is their juju! Take responsibility! Period!

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