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Where are Our Children?

Over the past four days (see “Related Posts” at the bottom), we’ve explored in some detail, four of the main causes of infertility.

When a couple doesn’t have children, it can get frustrating. But when maliciousness, lack of education (not to be confused with ‘being literate’) and false, traditional beliefs are mixed in, the result is more often than not, a broken marriage.

All over Africa Nigeria, there are women who have been thrown out of their marital homes, because they ‘failed to get pregnant’. Yes, even in 2016. There are just as many women, going from one quack prophet to another prayer mountain, in their quest for motherhood. For the most part, their husbands don’t go with the seeking wives to all these places, or subject themselves to endless and invasive medical tests that the women are tasked with undergoing.

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The idea that infertility is not a man’s problem, can only create harm. Infertility is not a woman’s problem; it is a couple’s problem.

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Combination infertility, which is said to be responsible for 20 – 30% of infertility cases, occurs when one or both partners has been diagnosed with one or more fertility issues.

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Symptoms of combination infertility vary, because the causes are different. Therefore, appropriate treatment would be on a case-by-case basis, after a diagnosis has been made.

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As I have previously said, while knowledge is crucial, self-diagnosis is not. Only a qualified medic can tell you – after tests have been carried out – whether the absence of the patter of tiny feet in your case, is due to combination infertility.

You can find other posts addressing some other causes of infertility, in the ‘Related Posts’ below.

PS: If you suffer or know someone who has had to deal with any of the causes of infertility listed in this series and/or you had your happy ending despite the infertility issues, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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DISCLAIMER: The afore-mentioned information is not intended to replace consultation with a physician or to diagnose or treat any condition. Please, see your doctor without delay if you have any symptoms that you are unsure of. Do not stop taking any prescribed medication or start any lifestyle changes without your own doctor’s supervision.

5 Comments on Where are Our Children?

  1. Hi chioma.I suffer from pcos,fibroids and was also diagnosed with blocked tubes when I went for investigations as I was unable to get pregnant.My husband also had male factor infertility poor sperm motility and morphology so we were recommended for ICSI due to the problems.I was overweight so I was advised to lose weight before I could be eligible for NHS funding.
    I met a Nigerian doctor here who gave me clomid and on the second cycle I got pregnant and my son turns two today.
    I went back to my gynae last year and I requested for clomid again and on the first cycle I got pregnant.
    I went for a scan and I was told I am expecting twins a boy and a girl.the twins should be here anytime as I am almost I just thought to share with you.

    • Apinke, I am so thrilled that you got your happy ending!
      Thank you so much for sharing 🙂
      Feel free to share these articles with anyone you know, who may be going through similar pain; it might assure them that there is hope.

      PS: If you like, you can be added to the mailing list, so you’ll receive notification of posts

      • Thanks chichi.I have already subscribed and I also follow you on Facebook and read your posts religiously.keep up the good work.

  2. So we are trying IVF for the first time, we had issues of one blocked fallopian tube, low sperm count and poor motility. We tried IUI but it failed, so we decided to give IVF a go. On the day of egg aspiration, the doctor was shocked he found just one mature egg, meanwhile ultrasound had been showing good progress with the follicles. He got only one egg and we were disappointed, chances of fertilization is low with just one egg. Lo and behold we got a call this morning that we should come in tomorrow for implantation of the embryo…. The one egg actually fertilized and its progressing….. Would keep you updated….. .

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