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White Labelling

A white-label product or service is one produced by one (producer) company, X that other (marketing) companies, Y, Z, A and D re-brand with X’s permission – to make the product or service appear like one produced by Y, Z, A and D. X’s name, trademark or logo is visible on the re-branded product or service offered by Y, Z, A and/or D.

White-labelling happens when Y, Z, A and D want to take advantage of A’s brand, popularity or other value.

There is also has a white-label offering for individuals and organisations, who are keen on brand association with Ms Nnani, in their literary endeavours.

This takes various formats, including but not limited to:

  • writing a foreword or preface for another author’s book;
  • co-authoring a book or other literary material;
  • re-branding products (blog posts, Facebook updates and literary material excluding books) for specific organisations; and
  • using Ms Nnani’s name, subsidiaries, trademark or logo in literary collaborations.

If you’ve got a desire for any of the above, contact The Fearless Storyteller today!