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Is It Ya Waiting Period?

While on a recent field trip, I ran into an old family friend. After we exchanged pleasantries, his next question was “Are you married?” To be honest, I wasn’t that surprised at his question. But I do feel concerned (when I think about it) that people you are not even close to, seem to think they have ample authority in your life.

Mister continued when I responded to his initial question, “Have you considered going for deliverance?”
Our encounter couldn’t have lasted more than five minutes. Yet, it was the shabbiest and most ridiculous aspect of my entire trip. I just kept wondering, “Who sent me to greet this man?”
I couldn’t wave him goodbye, quickly enough.

It baffles me when some people think it is OK to do what this man did. We are not all headed in the same direction. We will not all get there (wherever ‘there’ is for each person) at the same time. There is a time in everyone’s life, when they will be waiting for something; it is what it is. And it appears someone cannot be unmarried in peace; there is always someone who feels like it is their right to grate and gripe over your marital status.

Edaku, is it your waiting period?

There is a purpose for most waiting period, Allow people grow through it. It’s their JOURNEY!

I am cognisant of the fact that some people are genuinely concerned. But there are others who somehow find a way of having some measure of joy when they remind you, of the very thing you are waiting for.

Is it so impossible for such people to be quiet?
If you are religious, say a prayer for the person involved and leave them be!

Hasn’t it occurred to you that the person, to whom you are speaking, the one whom you are mocking, may not be in the mood to hear another anthem?

If I had the power, I would have assigned you a position: Minister of Borrowed Stress. Maybe it would be better if you received a dividend for all your troubles.

This serves as a plea; if you happen to come across someone waiting, a friend, family member, acquaintance, remember it’s not your waiting period. DO NOT exceed your boundaries. And if you can’t help me carry my load proudly, do not help me make an anthem of it. I seldom struggle remembering my nation’s anthem, even though I am a loyal and patriotic citizen, yours won’t make any significant difference.

Be a blessing; restrain from been a BORE.
It’s their waiting period, NOT YOURS!

Oghogho Osayimwen is a Communications and PR Consultant with X-Factor Communications. She prides herself on being able to collaborate with clients to provide them with out-off-the-box public relations consultancy services, and she can be reached via Facebook.

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  1. Hahhaaaaa,I love this one… should start putting it up….is it ya waiting period. Nice one OG…..keep it up.

  2. Haaaaaaaa, I love this one, should start putting it up…lol, is it ya waiting period. Nice one OG keep it up

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